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Conference and Banquet May 12-14, 2005

"Immigration History and the University of Minnesota: Where We've Been, Where We're Going."

Cosponsored by the Department of History and the Immigration History Research Center


The conference, at Andersen Library, opened with a buffet reception. Here, Professor Vecoli greets an attendee.

Ibe Kaba

Ibé Kaba, born in Guinea, recites his poetry about African immigrants to America.

Keynoter Jon Gjerde addresses the conference

Speakers during Friday morning's first panel session included Prof. Kathleen Conzen, U of Chicago

Prof. Dirk Hoerder, U of Bremen, Germany, also spoke during the first panel session on Friday.

M.J. Maynes, chair of the U's History Department, moderated the second Friday A.M. panel session.

Panel 2 presenter Roland Guyotte spoke about the research he did with Barbara Posadas on Filipino families in Chicago.

Other speakers on panel 2 were Maddalena Tirabassi from Italy (rising to speak); Suzanne Sinke, Florida State U; Masako Nakamura, U of MN; and Dan Detzner, U of MN.

Elizabeth Johnson, U of MN, was also a panel 2 speaker.

Friday afternoon's panel included Tom Guglielmo, U of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Boyle moderated the Friday afternoon panel on Law, Public Policy, and the Immigrant Experience

Chia Vang, U of MN, addressed Hmong refugee resettlement in Minnesota

David Gerber, SUNY-Buffalo, was part of panel 4, Friday afternoon.

Erika Lee, U of MN, spoke about exclusion of Asian immigrants to the Americas.

Lisong Liu, U of MN, spoke about Chinese student migration.

Another member of panel 4 was Andy Urban, U of MN, speakin on Irish immigrants.

Her Vang, U of MN, spoke about research on Hmong refugees as part of panel 4.

Prof. Rudy Vecoli (center, back row) posed with his students, past and present, in the Andersen Library atrium.

Prof. Peter Rachleff, Macalester College, moderated the session Saturday morning on immigrant community organizing

June Alexander, U of Cincinnati, put community orgaizing by immigrants in historical perspective.

Maria Paz G. Esguerra, U of MN, addressed Filipina gender roles in Twin Cities women's organizations.

Pakou Hang, U of MN, spoke about Mee Moua's election campaign for the MN Senate in 2001 with relation to the Hmong com-munity at the Saturday A.M. Roundtable 1.

David LaVigne, U of MN, talked about the Mesabi miners' strike of 1916.

The audience listened intently during Roundtable 1, despite the early hour on a Saturday morning.

Roundtable 2, Saturday A.M., ready to speak about language, literature, and the arts; moderator, Kathy Fennelly, U of MN.

Sandy Augustín, Intermedia Arts artistic director.

Prof. Bruce Downing, U of MN.

Louis Mendoza, Chicano Studies, U of MN.

Bryan Thao-Worra, Hmong American Institute for Learning

Beth Kaplan, U of MN, moderated the first session on Saturday afternoon, on documenting the immigrant experience.

Anna Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, Eastern CT State U, spoke during the first P.M. session on Saturday.

Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Resource Center, St. Paul.

Debbie Miller, MN Historical Society.

Panelists pictured are Mark Pfeifer, director of the Resource Center at the Hmong Cultural Center; Debbie Miller, MN Historical Society; Maria Esguerra, U of MN PhD student; Louis Mendoza, chair, Dept. of Chicano Studies, U of MN; and Bill Beyer, American Swedish Institute, all spoke at the Saturday afternoon session.

Panelists at the final Saturday workshop addressed how the immigrant experience is being documented. At the table: Enda-Mai Micelson-Holland, Estonian archives; Linda Schloff, archives of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest; Chia Vang, Southeast Asian Refugee archives; Kevin Murphy, U of MN, public history project; Andy Wilhide, Minnesota Historical Society, Somalia video project.

Alexander Lushnycky, Ukrainian American scholar, also spoke at the second Saturday afternoon session.

At the closing plenary session, Betty Bergland, UW-River Falls; Odd Lovoll, St. Olaf College; and Rudolph Vecoli, U of MN, addressed the conference.

Joel Wurl, IHRC curator and assistant director, also spoke at the closing session.

Honoree Rudolph Vecoli (center) talks with guests at the reception preceding the meal.

Vecoli attends to his sister, Olga (center), who came from the East Coast for the event.

Mary and Joel Wurl visit with Ruta and Kalju Kubits (seated). Kalju, former president of the Friends of IHRC, represents the Estonian Association of MN on the Board of Directors.

The atrium was crowded with tables of well-wishers for Vecoli from both the academic and ethnic communities.

Vecoli visits with Don and Jeanette Pafko (left) and Celeste Raspanti (right). Don is president of the Friends of IHRC Board of Directors; Jeanette is secretary; Celeste represents Italcultura, a local Italian American cultural organization.

College of Liberal Arts Dean Steven Rosenstone shared a table with John and Enda-Mai Holland, among others.

Bob Hoyle, executive director of the INternational Institute of MN, presented a replica of the Statue of Liberty to Vecoli.

Enda-Mai Holland and Juhan Simonson present a plaque from the Estonian American community to Dr. Vecoli.

Michael Giga read a letter of thanks and appreciation to Vecoli from the Latvian American Community.

Rudy Vecoli embraces his friend and fellow immigration historian Joe Amato, who addressed the banquet guests later.

June Alexander addressed the gathering on behalf of Vecoli's students.

Daughter Lisa and sister Olga with Rudy Vecoli. Lisa was among the after-dinner speakers.

Celest Raspanti, of the Friends of IHRC board of directors and the banquet committe, sets up ethnic flag decorations for the banquet tables.

National flags decorated the room.